An Unbroken Ring and some very broken bones

On the night Lucy Bronze’s stunning right foot finish put the Lionesses firmly on the plane to Lyon for the World Cup semi-finals, the Full Circle team faced a far greater challenge, navigating the mean City streets with only a map, a series of cryptic clues and their wits to guide them.

As the working day ended, Alex, Matt and Kirsty, along with our Brandformula friends, convened at the Jugged Hare pub for a quick drink together before we split off into three separate teams. Battle lines were drawn over a G&T and the team faced its first test as Matt and Kirsty were selected for one team, “the Unbroken Ring” and Alex for another, “Formula Brandits,” suddenly we found ourselves in fierce competition!

There followed a frantic hour where a series of clues led the teams around the City, taking in sights such as the Barbican, St Paul’s and the Shard. The “Unbroken Ring” raced ahead, overtaking the other two teams, stopping only for a quick drink at Bread Street Kitchen, then disaster struck.

Word suddenly came that injury had stopped play for the Formula Brandits when one of their number took a dive, injuring his ankles seriously enough that he was rushed off to hospital.  The teams united at a nearby pub to await news, grab some food and decide whether to call it a day or soldier on in honour of our fallen comrade.

Decision made and all three teams joined together to complete the treasure hunt as one, and as the sun was setting, we finally made it to the last location, celebrating with a drink as the sun set.

So, what have we learned from our little adventure?

- The Full Circle team excels when they’re working together, our different skills complementing each other to achieve success!

- There are so many beautiful sights in and around the City, just a short walk away

- Parkour should be reserved solely for the experts, sorry Jim!