Inspiring the next generation of PR experts

Insurance PR is a career choice few of us will have had at 13.

This week, Matt took part in a careers morning when he tried to sell our exciting profession to a group of students. Following a forensic criminologist and an orthopaedic surgeon, Matt described the heady world of insurance and PR to 5 classes at a leading north London prep school. Around half of the children already knew what they wanted to be. Some no doubt influenced by their parents professions; it seems we will not be short of lawyers, architects and doctors in the coming years.

But many others, around half, had no idea what they want to be and do after education. And that, according to Matt is absolutely fine. With age and life experience will come broader horizons. 

Matt made the point that many professions, by the time today’s 13 year olds are looking for their first job, don’t exist yet.  Who, in the 1990’s wanted to be an app-developer, a social media manager, a drone operator, vlogger or YouTube content creator? Who, even 10 years ago wanted to work for WhatsApp, Spotify, Fitbit, Instagram or even Uber? The answer again is zero, they were still just concepts in 2009.

And so to insurance and PR.  It is a genuinely challenging, rewarding and interesting industry and career choice. They need skills that every child in the room had; listening and communicating, and skills they will develop; writing, social interaction and creativity.  Some might have been convinced.