Inside the Circle - Elliot Krieger

Over the last couple of months, we’ve taken you “Inside the Circle” to meet our team. This month the spotlight falls on our digital marketing manager, Elliot Krieger…

Elliot, How and why did you get into digital marketing?

EK: From a young age I’ve always felt extremely susceptible to brands’ marketing efforts as they went about trying to influence my decisions and opinions. I always found the storytelling side of content extremely interesting in how it captures your attention, leaves you feeling a certain way and encourages you to re-tell that story to others.

What has been the biggest success/best experience in your career so far?

EK: The best experience I’ve had is producing a digital activity campaign to support one of our clients for an event in Antwerp. The pre-promotion to push people to attend, the on-site activity to engage the ‘live’ audience and the post-event follow-up reports we produced really left me feeling that we had created a campaign that had a very evident (and successful) start, middle and end. The journey of the campaign really made us all feel rewarded and left a strong impression on its audience on a European scale!

 What’s been the biggest change in digital marketing over the past few years?

EK: Possibly the biggest change is the amount of online profile data we have access to to allow us to deliver personalised content; a marketer’s dream in that they can reach their ‘perfect’ customer much quicker in their search for conversion. On the other side, the user gets a better opportunity to receive tailored content pushed to them to help aid their lifestyle and purchasing habits. The debate around personal data use and indeed misuse is really current and throws up a lot of debate around ethical advertising. For a marketer though, it can only help my clients reach their audiences a little bit easier!

Which digital campaign has really stood out for you recently and why?

EK: Nike’s “Nothing beats a Londoner” campaign. As someone born and bred in London, I hadn’t ever seen a marketing campaign like this before that resonates so much with the place I grew up in. The messaging is very simple and strong, and I’m sure left every other ‘Londoner’ with the same wide grin that I had by the end of the video.

If you could communicate with any single person, living or dead who would it be?

EK: Jean Michel Basquiat. I recently read “Widow Basquiat” which contains a series of short stories about the artist’s life. The stories left me breathless and only wanting to find out more about him and his enigmatic lifestyle.

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