Inside the Circle - Helena Martin

Over the last couple of months, we’ve taken you “Inside the Circle” to meet our team. This month the spotlight falls on our content manager, Helena Martin…

Helena, how and why did you get into marketing and communications?

My parents both worked in marketing and advertising and always made it sound really interesting, so rather than search for other career ambitions I thought I’d go down that route too! I enjoy the creative aspect of finding new and different – while on-brand – ways to communicate a message and generate interest in something, so it made sense.

What has been the biggest success/best experience in your career so far?

Running a big content and social campaign for one of our clients, promoting their attendance and supporting them at FERMA Forum 2017 in Monte Carlo was definitely a highlight, and not just because of the location! The campaign touched so many different areas of our business and produced strong results that the client was really happy with. It was one of my first big campaigns, so I definitely felt the pressure, but it was a rewarding journey!

 If you could communicate with anyone in history who would it be and what would you say?

I’d like to meet Anne Frank. I saw recently that her step-sister said she has ‘become immortal’ through her diary. I think that’s something she’d like to know!

Either Anne Frank or my Grandma from my Dad’s side - I never got to meet her.

What does the ideal client/consultant relationship look like?

The ideal client/consultant relationship is based on a good balance of professionalism, understanding, transparency, trust, and – in the best cases – friendship.

 What’s been the biggest change in the way people market their brands over the past few years and why do you think that is?

I think many brands have evolved their marketing and communications to suit the massive takeover of social media. Companies are now realising they need to ensure their content and campaigns are more relevant, digestible, and shareable than ever before. Even B2B brands are acknowledging that the audience at the end of their marketing are real people, and so developing a message that is relatable and really stands out amongst the noise of all other brands is more important than ever.

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