Inside the Circle: Matt Beasley

In our new series, we take you ‘Inside the Circle’ to meet the team behind Full Circle.  This month the spotlight falls on our director, Matt Beasley…

Matt, how and why did you get into PR?

MB: It’s a question I often ask myself! Many years ago, I worked for British Gas and part of my role was to liaise with the PR team, I was their ‘fixer’. They always seemed to be doing something more interesting and more challenging than I was.  One day I got a tap on the shoulder and was asked to join the team. I haven’t looked back since.

What has been your best experience in your career so far?

MB: Those early formative years trying to defend British Gas were exhilarating and hellish all at the same time.  Probably every other month, we’d be trying to manage the UK’s leading news story of the day; pricing, profits, death & scandals. And dealing with some of the most ruthless journalists hunting down a story you’re trying to shape or defend was tough, there were no hiding places.

Why did you choose to go into insurance?

MB: A close family friend worked at Lloyd’s and I remember being fascinated at his stories of City life as a child.  Growing up in a small Hampshire village, he was larger than life, and had the biggest house in the village.  Many years later, working in the City, a headhunter called about a PR job in Lloyd’s, it wasn’t a long call!

What PR challenge would you refuse to take on?  

MB: I like to think that my moral compass is pretty good.  That said, there are dark arts in PR, and I’ve been there. In terms of challenges, if it’s something I wouldn’t want to tell my family, then the line is drawn there.

Who are your heroes?

MB: Ernest Shackleton is one – I’ve seen a handwritten note in the Lloyd’s archive which he sent from South Georgia during his Endurance exhibition, he was asking for a marine policy to cover him sailing back to the Antarctic mainland – it ended with “put it on my tab”.  Others would be ‘Paddy’ Mayne and David Sterling, Boy’s Own stuff.

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