Getting the most out of Airmic

We’re in the thick of the financial services conference season – The panels are being planned, keynote speeches written, roundtables coordinated, stands built and sponsorships bought. But while the focus of these events can shift to logistics, it’s important to remember what an opportunity they present for brands to make their mark in the minds of clients and prospects alike. So, what’s your communications strategy?

Maybe you’ve mastered your messaging but don’t know how best to share it. Maybe you’ve got plans for pull-up banners but you’re not sure how to engage with your target audience. Or maybe your business is a permanent conference fixture at industry events, but you need a new and energised approach this year.

Here are some of our experts’ top tips to making sure you get the most out of Airmic:

  1. Get the story right and make the message work for you

    Making sure your message is clear and your team can communicate it clearly is key. It often happens that businesses put out too many different updates about ongoing activity and developments taking place. Keeping it simple and relevant is the key. Make sure you work to identify the right stories of most interest well ahead of the event and determine what channels may be best for reaching your audience with your news.

    The first step to take? Establish a plan that covers  all ongoing activity, communication and press opportunities.

  1. Create dynamic content that’s designed to engage your audience

    Social media, video, imagery, motion graphics, podcasting – it can all be used to engage and make your brand memorable in a crowded conference hall. But more important than a flashy display is making sure it accomplishes the goal of communicating your core messages in a way that resonates with the right people.

  1. Target the right journalists who want to hear your story

    Don’t forget, industry events like Airmic are on the agendas of trade press, and many send journalists to gather news, make connections and find out what’s on the minds of those in the sector.

    Polish your press messages and releases - make sure they pass the “So what?” test - and double check that you’re sharing news with the right journalists and outlets to give your messages the biggest impact.

    They typically have limited time at conferences and will have had numerous approaches for meetings, so get your pitch right and get to the point quickly!

This season can be intimidating for even the most seasoned exhibition veterans, but taking a coordinated, connected approach to a communications strategy will ensure that your attendance strikes the right chord with anyone who stops by your stand, picks up a press release, or sees your social media posts.

Our team is made up of experienced insurance industry communicators who can help you maximise these opportunities and deliver an impactful communications programme, before, during and after Airmic.

We’d love to sit down with you over a coffee to discuss how we can support your communications strategy, so give us a ring or send us a note: