The New Era of Financial Services Communication

As the new era of the Financial Services sector, carrying the epithet of InsurTech and FinTech, continues to dawn, we find ourselves being challenged to discover new ways of communicating with the sector’s clients and end customers. Most of these centre on those within the industry wanting to be seen as standing apart from sector incumbents. These challenges play well to our strategy of PR+, which focuses on finding new, innovative and effective ways to reach target audiences in addition to tried and tested, traditional media relations.

When we speak of connected communication, we tend to liken growing a share of voice in the industry to a volume dial on an amplifier. Effective communication is about positioning the volume dial in a way that is proportionate to what our clients have to say, their long-term strategy and how impactful they want to be.

To stretch that metaphor, we position that volume dial in a way that takes into account what InsurTech and FinTech companies hope to achieve: communication that showcases their customer-centric business, supported by sleek, tech solutions that enable customised solutions to the industry’s biggest headaches.

This is often a new style for these companies - more about demonstrating a listening ear and delivering impactful customer experience. It comes through in communication that’s bolder, punchier, more open and certainly more succinct.

Slowly but surely this change is being adopted, and dare we say it, beginning to influence even the most traditional clients in the industry. We love working this way, blending the power of the traditional with the versatility of modern… It’s really what PR+ is all about.

It's an exciting time, and we wanted to share these thoughts to thank those that have come on the journey with us and if allowed, invite anyone interested in learning how to fully harness communication to show their brand personality to get in touch with us.

We’d love to share a cup of coffee and some thoughts with you so do please feel free to get in touch.