Plus of the Week: Reviving Lost Vocabulary

We have been enjoying the work of language experts at York University who have compiled a list of 30 words that have fallen out of use that might just need reviving. Working with Privilege, the York University academics have launched a campaign to rescue words - many of which are surprisingly relevant for today - like ‘betrump’ which once meant to deceive or cheat! Or ‘teen’ which in Shakespeare's time, meant to irritate and annoy - amazingly relevant to every parent today. You can vote for your favourite word at @PrivilegeUK on Twitter.

We at Full Circle are all for expanding the social and editorial content vocabulary to help get the message across and create compelling business stories. So are there any words our fellow insurance and financial services communicators would like to see come back into fashion or ideas for new ones? Let us know and we’ll preview the best in future #FullCirclePOTW

So as we head into the weekend, we’d like to wish you a great one that doesn’t see you ‘hugge’ (shivering with cold) or have you surrounded by ‘momists’ (people who are habitually critical) and that you avoid getting rouzy-bouzy (boisterously drunk) and that you return to work on Monday feeling ‘wlonk’ (splendid and magnificent)!  Ok that’s enough Ear-rent!

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