Plus of the Week: BIBA 2017!

While everyone's experience of BIBA is individual - the faces old and new; the giveaways and goodies and the late nights that sometimes turn into early mornings - there's just something about the annual gathering that brings a collective smile to the faces of all of us who attend. BIBA 2017 was another corker. The quality of conversations and networking certainly lived up to the 'Connections' theme. As well as our clients and media friends, the Full Circle team have spent time this year connecting with industry veterans, some new start ups, BIBA conference 'virgins' and some of those just starting out on their insurance careers. Just a few reasons why we love BIBA. So, what have we learnt?

  • Opportunities abound: new MGAs, product innovations, e-trading and schemes - but distribution is still the key so engaging with that audience is more important than ever.
  • Social media: The established platforms continue to make their presence felt and are growing as a tool to build communities and create engagement.
  • Lights, camera, action! The role of video in getting the message across is really firing imaginations.
  • I want to tell you a story: The clamour for journalists' time never abates. The news and the gossip - we love our trade press.
  • We need to sell the career opportunities. Whether it's succession planning or attracting new talent, we mustn't forget to push the diverse, challenging and rewarding career opportunities that the industry has to offer.

Let's do it all again. Same time, same place next year, insurance people?