Not everyone's a winner at the Olympics

11 August 2016 - Insurance telematics experts at Hubio have been turning their weighty minds to the topic of whether there is a direct correlation to driver habits during major sporting events, either listening whilst driving or on journeys home afterwards, investigating in particular those suffering the disappointment of losing. Dan Fisher, Head of Data Science – Connected Car Hubio, has been analysing the big data set he has sourced and harvested from the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHTSA). Taking the USA’s annual Super Bowl game as a point of reference, he has looked back over the 27 matches from 1985 and 2014, concentrating upon the Sunday games. The Hubio analytic team spotted the 10% reduction during the game itself, accrediting this to a reduction in traffic numbers with people tuned into the game at home. Once the game’s finished, the statistics change dramatically with a 70% increase in the accidents rate during the first hour following its end, more significant being a material increase in fatal accidents.

Whilst some of this could be attributed to alcohol consumption or fatigue, there is evidence that a combination of distraction, frustration and disappointment played a key effect. In a study conducted by the New England Journal of Medicine, it was noted that the largest increase in non-fatal accidents occurred in the States of the losing team, by a factor of 68%, compared to 6% in the winning team’s State. Hubio matched this to their own driving data, clearly linking losing to an increase in negative driving behaviours; hard braking, hard acceleration or excessive speeding, all well-documented indicators in predicting potential accidents.

So, not wanting to put extra pressure on Jess or the other members of the GB Olympic Team, but best we get the biggest medal haul we can and keep our roads safe!


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